It could be very easy to go overboard on forest/nature inspired creations. Since years nature had already inspired painters, designers and creators in different ways. Still, when I see these beautiful furnishings, I think that we could definitively let trees, flowers and plants of all kinds totally overrun our houses !

PicNYC table by Haiko Cornelissen Architecten

The Walnut Tree Shadow Chair by Duffy London

Table Poppy 18 fleurs by french artist Hubert Le Gall

Tapis-ombre-chinee by Hubert Le Gall


Tree branches are everywhere…

console by French designer Maryam Mahdavi

Lampe Epoca Hiver by Hubert Le Gall

Amnésie shelves by italian architech Andréa Branzi.


An other brillant interpretation of branch shelves by Sebastian Errazuriz





Tea pot by Andrea Branzi



Coffea Table by Mth Woodworks

An other coffea table from the bloom collection of Mth Woodworks



Yvette Laduk’s Woody Wood Rug


Last but not Least, the Swing Table by Duffy London. I want one !






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